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What is my first step if I want to begin counseling, medication management, life coaching, weight management, or any other service?

To get started, click HERE and follow the instructions to complete the form. We'll then get back to you as soon as possible. If you'd prefer to call us directly then that's fine too! You can reach our Intake Coordinator at (615) 904-7170.

What insurance plans does Branches accept?

This varies based on the service you are interested in and counselor or provider you are seeing. Insurance availability for counseling is very limited while many commercial plans are accepted for our psychiatric medication management and weight management services.

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

You may cancel or reschedule an appointment by clicking on the "Appointment Scheduling" link at the top of the webpage or by calling us. A fee of $50 will be automatically charged to your credit card on file if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment time or if you fail to show for your appointment without notifying us.  

What will the first contact or call to Branches be like?

You may contact us by calling us, by completing the "Contact Us" form, or by completing the "Get Started" form. If you call us we will do our best to answer the phone and will happily answer any questions you have. If you reach our voicemail please leave a message so that we will know that you called and we will return your call as soon as possible. If you contact us through the website forms, either the "Contact Us" or the "Get Started" forms, we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Can I come to Branches if I am not a Christian or if I am not religious at all?

Absolutely! We welcome everyone no matter what their beliefs are. We always treat each client and patient with respect and honor.

What if I do not have insurance and can't afford the fee for a service?

For most of our services, Branches offers financial assistance through our Reduced Fee or Scholarship Program for those who can't pay for a service. We don't want an inability to pay to stand in the way of you receiving the help you desire. Give us a call or email us for more information.

Do you counsel children?

Yes, Branches has a counselor that sees children as young as 5 years old.

What issues do your counselors specialize in?

Our counselors are experienced in dealing with all common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction recovery, marriage and family, trauma, grief, life transitions, relationship issues, co-dependency, anger management, and more.

Does Branches accept TennCare or Medicaid?

Regrettably, the State of Tennessee does not permit Branches to accept clients who have TennCare or Medicaid insurance, even if the client is willing to come as a self-pay client. The state has designated providers that are pre-authorized to accept these insurances.

For clients with these insurances, we refer to: DePriest Center: (931) 486-8670; Kimara Wilson-Clarke: (931) 368-3234; Sabin Behavioral Health: (615) 656-3211; Crayton Counseling & Associates (615) 590-3741; Scott Russell (615) 977-0052


These counselors we recommend may not be able to take TennCare, but are not limited to the same rules that we are here at Branches.

Where is Branches located?

We have 4 office locations, each in Tennessee. We have 2 office locations in Murfreesboro, including our main office. Our other offices are located in Nashville and Mt. Juliet. For more info, click here.

What happens if I forget to show up for an appointment or cancel too late?

If you don't show for an appointment or if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment time, you will automatically be charged $50 to the credit card we have on file for you. IMPORTANT: If you are using insurance to cover your visits, your insurance company will not cover any portion of this charge, therefore, the full $50 fee will be charged directly to you regardless of your normal copay. In addition, HSA and FSA debit cards cannot cover the costs of late cancellation fees and no show fees.

Why do I have to pay in advance for my first appointment?

When you accept an appointment time, our counselor will set aside that time and is committed to being there for you. The pre-paid fee is a commitment on your part that you will come to your first appointment. If you are unable to keep your appointment it is important to notify us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee. After your first appointment you will pay as you go.

What if someone else is paying for my sessions?

If someone else is paying for your sessions, we will need a 3rd Party Agreement Form signed by the paying party and on file in our office before your first appointment.

Can I use my EAP?

For counseling, being able to use an EAP depends on what insurances our counselors are able to take. Call our office at (615) 904-7170 to see if we can take your EAP.

Do you offer EMDR?

Yes! Several of our counselors are certified to administer EMDR. There is no extra charge for this session.

How long does it take to get in for an appointment?

We can get you scheduled within a few days, but sometimes up to several weeks. This timeline is dependent on which service you are interested in, and whether or not you are using insurance.

What's the difference between a pastoral counselor and a state licensed counselor?

Our state-licensed counselors have met and retain all of the requirements set by the state health-related boards department. Our pastoral counselors have met and retain all of the requirements of the National Christian Counselors Association.

Do you provide speakers for community events?

Yes! Many of our staff members enjoy speaking for church groups, support groups, schools, community programs, addiction programs, and more. Use the Contact Form to indicate your interest.

Can I volunteer at Branches?

Yes! We love to have volunteers help with lawn care, office work, special events, and other projects. Per the ethical standards of TN we cannot accept volunteers who have been a Branches client or patient within the past 5 years.

Does Branches comply with the No Surprise Act?

Yes! If you become a client or patient at Branches, this will be covered in your new client/patient paperwork. Simply put, you have the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate" explaining how much your non-emergency medical and mental health care will cost. Visit https://www.cms.gov/nosurprises for complete details.